The popular trade show has become now more then ever a Mecca for fashion aficionados and buyers, with brands

and street style influencers coming from all over the world.

Here’s the 5 style trends spotted for the next Spring / Summer season.

 Pitti Uomo 92

Pitti Uomo is a must in our agenda since it represents a unique occasion where to have a concrete picture of new upcoming style trends and where to discover new interesting brands. Although it can be generally defined as a B2B trade show, there is an increasing affluence of influencers and bloggers and consequently an interesting variety of street styles occurring around it.

Here is the 5 style trends we have broken down at Pitti Uomo 92:


A new colonial gentleman

We asssited to the modern interpretation of a new colonial spirit reviving evergreen. The absolute must was the sahariana, followed by the field jacket. Volumes are carefully revisited in order to give a more contemporary deconstructed comfortable appeal to a classic piece for summertime. Another interesting trend is the rise of the Gurkha trousers. Inspired by army uniforms, the high-waisted, double-pleated, integrated belt design truly broke through. 

A new colonial gentleman

Neutral tones are dominating

Earthy shades – chocolate, tobacco, ecru and a resurgent grey – were dominant in the pailettes of our favourite brands. From Lardini to Private White V.C.’s dusty colors to the more robust and gutsy shades showcased by Ring Jacket and Man 1924. It’s clear that trends are moving towards a more traditional masculine pailette, as a consequence of the rise of colonial style. They’re also shades that require a more sophisticated choice of fabrics and details, since sobriety is finally trending again.


Loafer is a must

Loafers were definitely a must when it came to footwear. Made from warm and elegant suede color shades or from the finest polished leather, they represent a remarkable style statement when it comes to spring summer menswear. The penny loafer was probably the most iconic and versatile style we could notice, especially the suede versions for daytime.

Loafer is a must


Return of the polo shirt

Polo shirts are a staple of gentlemen’s wardrobe. While its sportish version is not very attractive to us, lately we’ve been assisting to a huge return of its sartorial version. From rich cotton jerseys to fine linen knits, the polo was everywhere – both short and long-sleeved – and determined to wrench it’s legacy back, and reposition itself as the shirt du jour for pairing with casual tailoring. Pairing it with a pleated trouser and a lightweight (linen or cotton) blazer, it becomes more than just a smart solution for giving a casual twist to a summer look. It’s definitely a style choice.

The return of the Polo Shirt

More relaxed volumes

As a direct consequence of the colonial trend, we could notice a general relaxation of volumes, typical of the riviera dandy style. Jackets are getting more comfortable around the waist and shoulders are now designed to be soft, like the Neapolitan shoulder, which has no padding. Lapels are up to 13 centimetres wide to highlight the higher part of your body.Trousers are designed with single or twin pleats for ease of movement and the hem of the trousers get slightly wider.Waistcoats are still popular, especially contrasting pattern double-breast waistcoats.

Relaxed volumes


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